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 Franchise FAQs

 You will have lots of questions about our franchise opportunities, so please take a look at these most frequently asked ones to give you a better idea of how everything comes together.

What is the recruitment process for Coaches?

This is very similar process to the Franchise Partner recruitment process, however, it is undertaken by the local franchise business partners.


Do I need to be professionally qualified as a Fitness Instructor to be a Stride Coach?

No you do not. In fact, our best coaches are those who are not fitness trained. They do have broad life experience and can relate to our Striders easily. Empathy is an essential skill for our Coaches and this is one we are looking for above all others.


How do I decide whether to be a Coach or a Franchise Partner?

Each Franchise Partner has to have the understanding of a Stride Coach (see what people are we looking for) with the addition of business skills, or by showing an aptitude to develop business skills. We can help you develop business skills and confidence.


What is the recruitment process for Franchise Partners?

Recruitment for Franchise Partners is carried out by the Head Office team at Simply Stride Limited. The process may take up to 12 weeks, usually with at least 2 meet ups, and more if we agree to offer you the Franchise Partner opportunity. It is a two way process to ensure we can work together and whether the opportunity is right for you. At the end of each contact point with you we set out the next stage: what is expected, potential outcomes and timeframes. A final decision is sent to you so that we can move forward within 3 days of the last meeting.


How many hours do I need to commit to the business each week?

Per week, we anticipate around three hours on business development, two hours administration and from seven hours coaching in the first few weeks increasing to 14 sessions by six months.


When would I need to hire my first Stride Coach?

The initial fee includes training fees for 2 coaches, you as the Franchise Partner and Stride Coach (the financials and expenses are based on this) and one other. You may choose to train together or introduce your Coach after 3 months (to allow for training time) when the business, and you physically, will need an additional coach.


How do I arrange Business Insurance and Loans?

We have pre-arranged insurance (package for all your needs specialising in coaching) and pre arranged loans and financial support for the business model. Standard forms will be supplied to you for you to apply personally for cover and funding.


Is the business or Stride Technique accredited in anyway?

We are undertaking a course in November 2014 run and funded by ActiveEssex (subsidiary of ActiveEngland and SportEngland) as they are very supportive of our material and results. ActiveEssex are looking to fund Coaches and courses across Essex. Please ask for more information in this regard.


Can you give me an idea of the income sources and their statistics?

By Year 3 on a weekly basis the average number of sessions is 20. So based on average fee of £35 per session, your weekly income is around £700.

Of the 20 sessions, we project that 7 are Group Weekly session, 10 sessions are MyStriders, 2 School Stride and 1 Community.  Please note that some of these sessions are only coached with appropriate training - see next paragraph.

The average number of Striders on a group session is 6 Striders.


What new business opportunities/services can I expect after the initial couple of years?

Your initial training is for individuals only, either weekly Group or MyStride (personal Move Well material). The reason being for this is for you to have time to become familiar with the technical aspect of the coaching as well as the business. You need time to grow in coaching knowledge and confidence before you coach more in depth material or those with additional needs.

Once you are ready further training you will be able to access an additional source of income after completion of the following courses:

Stride Posture
Medical Striders and needs
Mystride (Personal)  Live Well: including nutritional and lifestyle material (how to change, understanding your MyStrider, Mindfulness)
School Stride
Community courses
Corporate courses
Stride Experiences - how to plan events
Stride Stress and Mindfulness

These additional training courses will be offered to you once you are comfortable with your business plan, meeting financial projections and have gained relevant coaching experience. These courses are also for your Coaches development as well as for your business.


When does the management fee start?

Once your local business has launched. This date is agreed between us, Simply Stride and you the franchise Partner together with the launch and ongoing business plan.


What does a Stride session look like?

Please take a look at our promotional video on Youtube

Also call us, we are happy for you to visit a Stride session, we just need to book you in.


How do Striders book the courses?

Striders call the local Business Partner, having either found information from the website or from their friends. We assess their needs and goals and book them into the right session for them.


How are the courses structured?

Striders can book either Mystride sessions, prescriptive to them, (average fee of £37.50 per hour) or the Groups (Get Started £40 for 4 sessions, Thereafter Get Striding at £36 for 6 sessions). They need not book consecutive sessions, or indeed the same time and day each week. Life happens, striders need flexibility.


How else can I progress in Simply Stride?

Simply Stride is evolving, and as we grow we will be looking for not only coaches and franchise partners, but also Coach Trainers, Franchise Trainers and Business Advisors.

 We are looking for these in Essex until 2016 and thereafter the home counties, with future plans of roll out generally in England.


 We would love to hear from you with your ideas and how you can join our team.



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